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Countax C60 2WD Garden Tractor c/w 42" XRD Deck and PGC £4,995 inc Vat

Engine: FS481V Kawasaki twin cylinder 603cc
Transmission: Hydrostatic Foot Control
Standard Cutter Deck: 42” (107cm) XRD rear discharge
Powered Grass Collector Capacity: 300 litres
Power Take-off: Standard (Electric engage)
Bull Bar: Standard
Warranty: 3 Years
C60 with 107cm (42”) XRD deck and PGC £4,995 Inc Vat

First and foremost a Countax garden tractor is an outstanding lawnmower. Its unique cut and collection system, developed specifically for the British garden, sets it apart from any other machine on the market.


The British weather is notoriously unpredictable. Make a plan to mow your lawn and it seems inevitable that it will start to rain. A Countax is the only machine that ‘cuts it in the wet’.

Most ‘ride-on mowers’ rely on the air flow caused by the cutting blades to throw lawn clippings into the grass catcher. Damp grass will often get clogged in the deck and discharge chute, requiring regular unblocking and an unacceptable finish on your lawn.

The Countax cut and collect system works in a different way. The three hardened-steel blades found in the heavy duty Countax XRD and IBS decks, are contra-rotating and throw the clippings to the rear of the deck. The ejected grass is swept up by the rotating brushes of the Powered Grass Collector.

The Countax ‘system’ means that even wet grass can be cut and collected fully, with little risk of clogging. Leaves and other garden debris can be quickly cleared from the lawn. Simply drive over the material with the collector engaged.

Own a Countax and you have a small rugged tractor that can be used all-year-round in your garden. It’s designed to be used in all weathers!


Countax believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of finish of your lawn for the speed and convenience of a ride-on lawnmower.

Many British gardeners seek a striped finish for their main lawn. Not only do stripes look smart, they can also give the illusion of a longer, greener lawn plus they provide the high quality finish that many customers desire.

Stripes are created by the contrasting shades of grass laid flat in one direction and then again in the opposite direction. This effect can be difficult to accomplish with a conventional rotary ride-on lawnmower.

A Countax tractor works in a different way to other machines. It leaves a striped finish every time thanks to an integrated roller mounted within the body of the optional Powered Grass Collector. The unique action of the sweeping brushes enhances the striping effect further. A Countax stripes a lawn every time with a single pass of the collector.


…a polished performance on fine lawns with the astonishing ability to cut an orchard or paddock quietly and quickly….

The new XRD (found on the C and B Series tractors) is the toughest, most durable rear-discharge deck Countax has ever built. It’s fabricated from high-grade steel and built to professional specifications. It is reinforced with a thick impact bar to further protect it from every day wear and tear. This makes it the ideal large rough cutter for semi-wild areas that you cut infrequently and leave several inches longer.
With the grass collector removed, the tractor is agile and highly manoeuvrable – easily capable of cutting around trees and other obstacles.


The C Series 2WD has been Britain’s favourite range of garden tractor for over two decades. The core benefits of cutting and collecting in the wet, striping the lawn and the use of the machine 12 months of the year make the C Series the tractor of choice for thousands of customers.

Like all Countax tractors, a C Series is built to a much higher specification than most ‘ride-on lawnmowers’. It’s extra tough. With a heavy-duty steel chassis, cast front axle and reinforced cutter deck, a C series is designed to handle the rigours of hard work – day in, day out.

The push-button controlled power take off drives a Powered Grass Collector, broadcast spreader or scarifier. Each unit is a valuable accessory that extends the use of the tractor.

The new C60 garden tractor is the ‘stalwart’ of the Countax range. Powered by a FS481V Kawasaki twin cylinder 603cc engine, it is ideal for customers with a large garden who don’t want to compromise the quality of finish for the convenience of a ride-on lawnmower.

Fitted with a 107cm (42”) XRD cutter deck, the C60 can operate in conjunction with the Powered Grass Collector or as a rough cutter.

Even for those wanting to cut without collecting, the Powered Grass Collector is a useful option. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to collect leaves and garden debris and is invaluable for clearing up after scarifying. Brushing up also stimulates turf, helping to prevent the formation of thatch, while the integrated roller leaves neat stripes.

C60 with 107cm (42”) XRD deck and PGC £4,995 Inc Vat