Mountfield Typhoon 30Li Kit | Plymouth Garden Machinery

Mountfield Typhoon 30 Li Cordless Hover Mower Kit £169 inc Vat

Hand propelled 20V cordless hover mower
Supplied with 2 × 4Ah (20V) batteries and dual charger
Cutting width: 300mm (12”)
Battery charge time: 2 hours 20 minutes (approx)
Blade type: Steel
Handle type: Fixed
Product weight: 7kg
2 year warranty
£169 inc Vat

The Mountfield Typhoon – a cordless hover mower that is a lot less bother. The Mountfield Typhoon is a must-have for those who have stepped gardens or sloped grassed banks.

Powered by 2 × 4Ah (20V) smart E-power batteries that provide ample power to cut lawns up to 100sqm from one charge.

The unique patented cutting deck traps the air creating the right amount of energy to produce the cushioning effect that lifts the mower from the ground, similar to a hovercraft.

The blade has been specially designed for maximum cutting efficiency without disturbing air flow.

Easy to use and easy to manoeuvre the Typhoon will glide across the grass with ease, forwards, backwards and side to side…. And with no cord to get tangled in bushes, hedges or garden furniture.

Extremely lightweight, just 7kg so very easy to transport to areas around the garden that require cutting and is easy to store in any garden shed or garage flat against the wall from a single hook.

2 year domestic warranty

£169 inc Vat