Oleo-Mac BV 250 Petrol Leaf Blower £269 Inc Vat

Start of the Year Special £269 Inc Vat

The family of Oleo-Mac blowers widens with the arrival of the new BV250 hand-held blower. Extremely light and comfortable, the BV250 blower is ideal for intense jobs in every season, allowing even less experienced users to operate with extreme ease and in all safety.

This professional quality blower is the lightest in its class, weighing only 3.7 kg

Comfortable, adaptable and effective, the new blowers are ideal machines for intense and continuous jobs such as clearing gardens, parks and urban areas.
The new telescopic tube allows the machines to be stored in even smaller spaces, without the use of tools.

The EURO 5 25.4cc two-stroke engine produces low emissions and the two-ring piston, three-piece crankshaft and forged connecting rod ensure high performance (1.3 HP) and rapid acceleration even during intensive work, while respecting the surrounding environment.

For comfortable use, the handle is isolated from the engine by 3 anti-vibration springs, significantly reducing vibration so as to prevent operator fatigue.
The control handle has a soft-touch rubber coating and ergonomic profile that make for a comfortable and effective grip.

The air filtering system is insulated along the perimeter from its cover, which is secured with two screws. It contains a large paper filter that is easy to clean and ensures great suction. The filter mount is equipped with a patented Emak ‘fluid diode’, which helps to extend maintenance intervals by increasing performance.

RRP £299 inc Vat Our special price £269 inc Vat