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Stiga Estate 2084H Lawn Tractor with 84cm Deck £2,569 inc Vat

The Stiga Estate 2084 H is a compact tractor powered by a 7.4kW Stiga engine featuring a hydrostatic transmission, 84cm twin blade cutting deck with 7 cutting height adjustments from 25 to 80mm and electromagnetic blade engagement. You can choose to collect the grass clippings in the 200 litre collector or simply insert the mulching plug and recycle the grass clippings into the soil.
3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty (Terms & Conditions apply)
Recommended for lawns of up to 1.5 acres
RRP £2,819 inc Vat Our Price £2,569 inc Vat

A sturdy compact tractor, the Estate 2084 H is small enough to go through a standard 36” garden gate yet large enough to maintain a good sized lawn. The 452cc engine delivers power to a fully hydrostatic transmission; a clutchless automatic system that allows infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds using a foot pedal and can shuttle seamlessly between the two, greatly enhancing manoeuvrability.

The cutting deck features twin contra-rotating blades for a fine finish plus powerful rear discharge and collection of clippings. The blades are engaged or disengaged at the flick of a switch through an electronic blade clutch. A snap on hose connection on the cutter deck facilitates easy cleaning after use.

Clippings are collected in a rear mounted 200 litre collector, that can be easily emptied without having to leave the drivers seat. If you don’t want to collect to your clippings why not fit the mulching plug that is included. For areas that are being cut on a more regular basis the mulching function cuts and re-cuts the grass into small particles that disappear into the turf, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Mulching is a great feature. It saves so much time and cutting the lawn can be more than 30% quicker as there is no need to stop to empty clippings, which also results in a significant fuel saving. You may well ask “Will I see the mulched grass?” and the answer is “No” Mulched clippings are blown down into the turf and are not noticeable, provided the grass is cut regularly and not on the lowest setting.

This model is covered by a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty (Terms & Conditions apply) and with 7 heights of cut, from 25 to 80mm, a great finish is assured. Recommended for lawns of up to 1.5 acres.

RRP £2,819 inc Vat Our Price £2,569 inc Vat